Our Method

Gracie is the name we affectionately gave our still. She's a 500 litre hybrid which allows us to use her as both a pot still and column still.

Pot distilling is the traditional method and how gin has always been made, where all botanicals are macerated in the pot and then boiled.

Column stills are a newer invention; Gracie’s column has 6 plates which purify the alcohol meaning we can make pure, smooth vodkas.

In short, Gracie has the best of both worlds so we can use her to create all manner of tasty tipples.

Making spirits

We use a traditional production method that, although labour instensive, means we can ensure we are crafting high quality spirits we’re happy to give the Poetic License name to.

For our gins, we hand-crush botanicals, macerate and then boil them to gently and gradually release their delightful flavours.

As the liquid evaporates and makes its way around the still it takes with it molecules of oil extracted from the botanicals, meanwhile filling the air with a glorious gin aroma.

When it cools back down to a liquid it begins to come out the other end of the still as gin.

Each of the botanical flavours come through in stages and we know exactly the order so we can track the distillation by taste. We only take the centre cut known as the hearts, which are the purest and most flavoursome parts of the batch.

For our vodka, using British wheat as the spirit base gives it it’s smoothness and distilling it 7 times, making it purer each time, gives it it’s graceful name.

You can enjoy a bottle of Poetic License spirit knowing it was crafted with care and commitment by hand.

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