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Our 2nd Rarity for 2019 #10

Our 2nd Rarity for 2019 #10

Our second limited edition gin for 2019 and it’s the landmark tenth edition within our ‘Rarity’ Range. This full-strength juniper forward, pink gin with an ABV of 38.5% will be sure to take you on a taste sensation. Once again, when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Raspberry & Buddha’s Hand gin has a berry aroma coupled with the floral spice of pink peppercorn. The strong citrus punch provided by the Buddha’s Hand gives the gin a burst of summer flavours almost reminiscent of eating fresh berries & citrus fruit on a hot summer’s day. Buddha’s Hand is an unusual botanical, in fact we only know of 2 other gins that have used this in the past, the fruit is shaped like a yellow octopus and it does not have any flesh, only zest, which is used to give the gin an aromatic lemon-blossom flavour it is also a much sweeter version of the standard lemon.

With all good gin it is Juniper forward on the palate, the sweet tang of raspberry at the forefront, followed by a brief herbaceous twist. This then gives way to the subtle spice of pepper and the warming pine of juniper. The sweet citrus of Buddha’s Hand comes in the for the finale, cleansing the palate for the next ‘punchy’ sip.

The perfect pour for Raspberry & Buddha’s Hand is simply over ice with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic or Lixir classic Indian tonic water, garnished with a couple of fresh raspberries.

Senior distiller, Lewis Hendry, commented on his latest creation: “This is my second creation for Poetic License Distillery as Senior Distiller and it is the landmark tenth edition of the Rarity range, as such, I wanted to give the recipe a lot of thought and create something really special. I wanted to explore the use of a very rare botanical coupled with an existing and known fruit to produce a gin that delivers punchy summer flavours but also enhances the more floral taste supplied by the berry. This leads the gin to have a very diverse taste profile and why I was so keen to experiment with these flavours and create the type of gin that we have. The Chinese refer to Buddha’s Hand, as “Fo-Shou” and this is a symbol for happiness and long-lasting life. We think that this eclectic variety on taste will keep you in happy summer spirits”

Mark Hird, Managing Director for Poetic License Distillery agrees, “This gin delivers on summer flavours, the colour of the gin which is dark pink/red lightens to pink with a mixer. The colour is achieved through macerating the gin with fresh raspberries, no artificial flavours or colour additives are used. This is a proper, juniper-forward pink gin and I think dispatching on World Gin Day, 8th June 2019 is auspicious and fits in with the thinking and creativity behind the crafting of this gin. We are at Junipalooza (London) on the 8th June and the customers there will be the first to taste this rarity and of course purchase from very limited stock we will have available on the day!”

The gin is available to BUY NOW via the distillery online shop

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