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Picnic Gin has a new look!

Picnic Gin has a new look!

We’re pleased to unveil our new look for our ever-popular Picnic Gin.

We wanted to evolve the packaging of this gin to reflect the unique summer drinking occasion that it offers. The new, decorated bottle is bright with standout colours that reflect the strawberries and cream flavours. We reckon this fits the bill.

For the uninitiated, Picnic Gin is a seasonal summer favourite. “A beautifully sweet gin. Creamy in texture and taste with a strong fruity nose that combines juniper with strawberries and cream.”


You may recall our previous look. A black label with red foil to emulate and look like a cousin of our Classic range. However, we changed our minds and opted for a makeover that looked more like how the drink tastes. We do hope you like it, we think its rather fetching and makes our Picnic Gin look totally summer-ready (girly makeover pun intended)!

The new bottles will launch exclusively into selected Greene King local pubs for the month of July, promoting the ever-so perfect tie in with Wimbledon and the delightful serve of Picnic Gin and Elderflower tonic.

The jazzy makeover will be available to the trade and everyone else from August, with pre-order for our a new-look bottle opening up very soon.

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