Cherry & Basil Gin, 70cl


Poetic License’s Cherry & Basil Gin, 70cl bottle.

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Creation #2 of The Rarities- Limited Edition Cherry & Basil Gin, 70cl.

Tasting notes:

The maroon colour of the liquid mimics the skin of the cherries and tints to the dusky pink-red of cherry flesh when mixed with tonic. The gin has a savoury nose with a hint of cherry. Initially there is a hit of herbaciousness with almost grassy, fresh basil, with the slightly higher than average alcohol content helping to back up the savouriness of the gin. This then mellows to make way for fruitier flavours. It leaves a lingering taste of the gin’s namesakes – cherry & basil – as well as juniper and a touch of aniseed on the palate.

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