Poetic License Gin & Gin Liqueur Tasting Set


Perfect if you are new to Poetic License, or want to introduce someone to our range!


1 x 5cl Strawberry & Cream Gin, 37.5% Vol.

1 x 5cl, Northern Dry Gin, 43.2% Vol

1 x 5cl, ‘Fireside’ Spiced Gin, 40.1% Vol.

1 x 5cl, Baked Apple & Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur, 21% Vol.

1 x 5cl,  Blackcurrant & Ginger Gin Liqueur, 21% Vol.



Poetic License Gin & Gin Liqueur tasting set – 5 X 5cl bottles of your favourite gin or gin liqueurs!

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