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Poetic License & Las Iguanas Tropical Gin

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Our Collaboration with Las Iguanas is here and this Tropical Gin perfect with cocktails, think Fiesta, party nights.  Full Strength Gin not a liqueur but it is perfect all year round sending your taste buds on a steamy, tropical, taste sensation.

This gin will transport you to Latin American fiestas whatever the weather. It takes the classic gin flavours
of juniper, coriander and citrus and blends them perfectly with mango, soursop, coconut and grapefruit
to create a gin drinkers’ gin with truly original tropical tastes.

Perfect Pour

Over ice with Premium tonic, garnished with slices of
mango and edible pansies.

Perfect with various cocktails, use this to elevate your cocktail to that Latin American vibe.  The Tropical Gin is available all year round in Las Iguanas and available for order right here as well.


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