The Rarities

Creation #7 – Tutti Frutti Gin

ABV 42.7%

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Distilled with hand-peeled, -chopped and -puréed fresh fruit – this gin is pretty much a distilled fruit smoothie.

It has a vibrant nose of tropical mixed fruit with more mellow stone and berry fruits in the background.

Sweet pineapple arrives immediately on tasting, followed by a tang from juniper and mixed fruits intermingling; vibrant kiwi and peach followed by subtler cherries and berries, then plum and apple. Leaves lingering, slightly piney juniper and a delightful fruitiness on the palate.

Although fruity and a little sweet, there is no sugar added so it does not become the sickly sweet you know from tutti fruitt candies – though, equally, it is not dissimilar. This gin is an ode to the traditional Italian ice cream flavour; a fruity treat perfect for summer.

Released: June 2018


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