Duck, Duck, GOOSE

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Vigorous shaking required. Top tip: rinse your glass with absinthe to add a little something extra.

Double shot (50ml) of Poetic License Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin

A shot (25ml) of sweet vermouth

Half a shot (12.5ml) of lemon juice

Half a shot of egg white (or use aquafaba for a vegan-friendly alternative)

A bar spoon (10ml) of sugar syrup

A bar spoon of elderflower cordial

A splash of absinthe

Lemon peel

Add all ingredients (bar the absinthe) to a boston tin filled with ice and shake vigorously to froth it up. Double strain into a chilled coup glass rinsed with absinthe (add the absinthe to the glass and swirl it around to ensure the whole inside and edge of the rim is coated) – don’t worry this won’t get you hammered, it just adds a slight je ne said quoi to the drink.

Cut your lemon peel into a long, thin strip, grab each end between your fingers and twist them in the opposite direction to create a tight spiral – let go and you should have a fairly loose twist, pop this on the side of the glass.

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