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Strawberry & Cream Gin Now Available in ASDA Superstores Nationally

Strawberry & Cream Gin Now Available in ASDA Superstores Nationally

Asda is the only major retailer to be stocking our Strawberry & Cream Gin nationally and by listing the product in selected stores, Yorkshire based Asda is aiming to lead the way in supporting local distilleries and brewers, as the demand for artisan spirits amongst consumers continues across the United Kingdom.
The Strawberries and Cream Gin is a beautifully fruity gin which is creamy in texture and taste, with a strong strawberry nose as well as more typical notes of juniper, coriander and orris root. For added strawberry and cream flavour, the gin is both distilled and infused with the botanicals. It’s this process that gives the gin its unique deep red colour that tints to a blushing pink when mixed with tonic.
The gin that we creates utilises traditional methods, that although labour intensive, ensures the highest quality spirits that we are happy to give our name to.

Mark Hird, Managing Director of Poetic License Distillery, commented; “We are delighted to be working with Asda who are currently the only major retailer that are stocking us nationally. This achievement really demonstrates a demand for unique and high-quality spirits not to mention a sense of adventure when it comes to trying new flavours.
“Asda seek quality and provenance within their spirits range and we recognised these qualities in abundance within our own portfolio.”
Francesca Lister, Buying Assistant – Spirits, said: “The love of artisan spirits continues to grow in the UK and its clear customers are not just looking for more premium spirits, they’re also really keen to experiment with new flavour combinations.
“There’s a sense of pride when something is created locally, and customers want to support the success of homegrown businesses.
“This new gin is of premium quality and because of how unusual it is, in both flavour and colour, we’re hoping it will make a great gift item.”

Buy Poetic License Strawberry & Cream Gin here

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