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Rarity no.7…. Tutti Frutti Gin

Rarity no.7…. Tutti Frutti Gin

Our seventh rarity, an incredible mixed fruit concoction, is now available to buy.

It has a vibrant nose of tropical fruit with more mellow stone and berry fruits in the background. Sweet pineapple arrives immediately on tasting, followed by a tang from juniper and mixed fruits intermingling; vibrant kiwi and peach followed by subtler cherries and berries, then plum and apple. Leaves lingering, slightly piney juniper and a delightful fruitiness on the palate.

Our third of 2018, this summery gin is limited edition number 7 for us! We have one more planned for later this year and a Rarities Club! The club will guarantee yourself a bottle of the upcoming rarities for the year. This also ensures you get them first as well as other bonuses like exclusive discounts on our online shop. But more about that later!

The Rarities range

If you don’t already know, ‘The Rarities’ are our range of one-off spirit products of whatever we fancy making. Only a few hundred bottles of each ever made and when they’re gone, they really are gone! This latest rarity will be available only until it sells out.

We did this Rarity to coincide with World Gin Day on Saturday 9th June. The idea being that you can get your exclusive Tutti Frutti gin time for toasting the most important day of the year! Customers who buy directly from our website will get their bottles first, with these bottles dispatched week commencing 28th May, whilst the trade and customers buying elsewhere will have to wait a little longer until week commencing 4th June.

The process

Our distiller, Luke Smith, explains the process behind this gin: “We distilled this gin with hand-peeled, -chopped and -puréed fresh fruit – it is pretty much a distilled fruit smoothie.”

“Although fruity and a little sweet, there is no sugar added so it does not become the sickly sweet you know from tutti fruitt candies – though, equally, it is not dissimilar. This gin is an ode to the traditional Italian ice cream flavour; a fruity treat perfect for summer.”

Our suggested serve is with tonic garnished with a slice of kiwi fruit, while the cocktail we recommend is The TFG (tutti frutti gimlet) garnished with a pineapple wedge.

The Rarities’ range launched in 2017, and during that year we produced 4 limited edition flavoured gins; an Orange Blossom in February, a Cherry and Basil in June and a Gooseberry & Elderflower in September and finally a Blackberry and Bay in October. 2018 has seen us do an Espresso gin and a Sweet Bell Pepper and Naga Chilli gin prior to this latest release. All our Rarities so far have have sold out within just a few days due to their ‘grab-it-while-you-can’ nature. It is anticipated the newest offering will be in similar high demand, so get in there quick.

Click here to get your hands on a bottle of Tutti Frutti Gin.

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